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Hey, everybody! I’m doing a commission stream!
Why? Because there’s things that I really need to get resolved money wise , mostly involving taxes, and while I’m also taking on some extra work, I thought why not do another real commission stream. This stream is going to be going on from 5 PM EST* on Tuseday, April 15th and will keep going until I can’t go anymore.

I’ve cut my prices down and I’ll be keeping it like that for the duration of the stream and for a bit after. So, if you’d like to help me out, then feel free to send me an email with the subject line “commission” to my email (justinmdurden@gmail) and I’ll get it on the list first thing when I start.

If you don’t have any money to spare, then no worries. If you’d just like to come into the stream and watch, then I’m happy you want to waste your time watching me do my art. It means a lot that people like my stuff enough to follow me and see me do what I love to do.

Also, if you happen to want something from me and I happen to not be streaming, then shoot me an email and I’ll add that onto the list and pop them out as I go.

Thanks for bothering to look and I hope to see you when the stream begins!


*time subject to change depending on my work schedule

Hold on, are you saying that Snubbull is the best or the worst? Or somehow both?

It’s just a weird design for a basic normal type pokemon

What do you find is the worst designed Pokemon (not lazy such as ditto, I mean one you don't like despite some effort) in the first 3 generations. And which do you think is best of the second 3 generations. If you've not seen them all then just make it of all Pokemon you know of.

Probably Snubbull

It just looks like an angry dog fish clown.  






All figurine refernces.

1. Moogle-Final Fantasy Series

2. Gitaroo Man-Gitaroo Man

3. Sanic-I don’t know where the hell man

4. Cloud Strife-Final Fantasy 7

Woops I need to fucking watch this show

i am laughing so god damn hard rn at the cloud shit

I though it was this:


She’ll tell the Wizard King, a friendly and powerful ally, to piss off…

But she doesn’t want to stop one nut-job (that she created) and instead forced someone else to fight…who of course retreats form the idea…because he’s a child…A duhowh!

You know…


When Rick was looking through alternate dimensions, why didn’t he just copy what one of the Ricks who did reverse the the genetic mutations or travel to that universe and ask that Rick for some of the cure…

You can’t say he doesn’t like to talk to other Ricks because at the end of episode 10 he say “I’ve got like 10 Ricks to call.”  

I mean I love the series has the balls to make a call back to it in “Ricky Minutes”, but still….


Today marks the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania, the jewel at the heart of the wrestling sports entertainment industry. But before the action starts in New Orleans, I think now is the perfect time to re-visit a number of movies I’ve reviewed featuring the stars of the…

If you'd actually think about anything you watch instead of mindlessly looking for things to bitch about, it would have taken 2 seconds to figure out that Luna's transformation to Nightmare Moon became common knowledge when she returned and that it was recently added to the test because it's now known for a fact to be more than a myth. How do you not get this? This is just like when you compared singing in front of a full crowd of judgmental people to singing a lullaby to three little girls.





It’s not common knowledge, they were still calling her Nightmare Moon during Halloween.

Also the Summer Sun Celebration is specifically about Celestia defeating Nightmare Moon/Luna.

And the point I was making with Fluttershy was that it should have been common knowledge that she had some kind of musical talent. She was leading an orchestra of birds when we first met her. 

There’s also the fact that Luna used the “Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice” even though Canterlot hadn’t even been built yet.

And as Masteroflag-meh/Amlure pointed out, it was also mentioned that there was also a movie (and thus a documentary) of all the history of the Wonderbolts that has to be over a few years old for RD to know it exists, forgotten the facts but still suggest that it mentions that.

Don’t forget that Fluttershy has also been shown singing in front of her friends like in the “At the Gala” number, and when she sang in front of RD in “May the Best Pet Win”.

Yeah well there’s an interesting discussion between Diegetic and Non-Diegetic. Basically “Musical” logic.

Soundtracks and Musical Numbers are usual not recognized by the characters, unless they specifically comment on them…like Twilight and other did with Pinkie Pie’s “Giggle at the Ghosties”.   

Huh, well that’s actually pretty interesting to know about.

But yeah, it still odd that Fluttershy having some kind of musical talent wouldn’t be common knowledge among some of the characters.

Call me a stickler for continuity, but it’s just stuff like this that annoys the crap out of me.

I’m sorry that was the wrong video:

Yeah that is weird about the “The Voice”.